रिलायंस जियो के हर दिन 1 जीबी डेटा वाले रीचार्ज पैक मंगलवार से हो जाएंगे सस्ते..

रिलायंस जियो के हर दिन 1 जीबी डेटा वाले रीचार्ज पैक मंगलवार से हो जाएंगे सस्ते..

Specific things are preparing to make another explosion on the new year of Reliance Jio. The cost of plans with 1 GB data per day has been reduced to 60 rupees. The company will also offer multiple plans of 1.5GB data per day

Reliance Jio is preparing to make another blast on New Year's Eve. Gadgets 360 has been informed by sources that under the Happy New Year 2018 offer, the price of the plan with 1 GB data per day has been reduced to 60 rupees. After the latest reduction, 1 GB per day with 4G data will be available for Rs. Interestingly, once the new changes in the tariff, the recharg pack once again will be available around the price before October. In addition to cheaper the Geo Prepaid Recharge pack, the company will also offer several plans with 1.5 GB data per day. Changes in tariffs and new plans will be effective on Tuesday. The company will announce similar and many offers in the coming days. The live plan for Tuesday, 199, 399, 459 and Rs 499, will now be available to the subscribers at Rs 149, 349, 399 and Rs 449, respectively. There will be no changes in the free voice calls and SMS features available in the plan. Customers will continue to get free subscriptions for Geo Apps

मौज़ूदा कीमतनई कीमतवैधताकुल डेटा (1जीबी/दिन)
199 रुपये149 रुपये28 दिन28जीबी
399 रुपये349 रुपये70 दिन70 जीबी
459 रुपये399 रुपये84 दिन84 जीबी
499 रुपये449 रुपये91 दिन91 जीबी
 The company will also offer a 1.5 GB 4G data plan per day. These are 198, 398, 448 and 498 rupees. In the first price, there were plans with 1 GB data. This means that now customers will be given about 50 percent more data in the old price.
कीमतवैधताकुल डेटा (1.5 जीबी/दिन)
198 रुपये28 दिन42 जीबी
398 रुपये70 दिन105 जीबी
448 रुपये84 दिन126 जीबी
498 रुपये91 दिन136 जीबी
 At the moment, it is not clear how long recharged packs will be available in affordable prices. On Tuesday, the situation is expected to be more clear. Be aware that the surprise cashback offer for the Geo user is already available. Today, Geo has nearly 16 million subscribers in India. Since the launch, the company has been deciding the direction of the market in a way. It is worth noting that in the last few days, other telecom companies have started giving more data to the customers without making any changes in the price. The latest reduction made by Geo is clear that the company does not want to give its customers a chance to think about another network.

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