Tips To Boost Xiaomi Smartphone Battery Life

Tips To Boost Xiaomi Smartphone Battery Life

The battery is the most prime issue in today’s smartphone. Touch screen based smartphones consume huge battery which makes difficult to prolong battery life. This article will demonstrate on “How to prolong battery life.”

Here are tips to prolong smartphone battery life:

Except these there are 3 ways which will optimize the battery functionality, hence less heat will get generated. The options are:

Disable auto start apps:

1. Go to 'Security'.

2. Permissions.

3. Autostart. (Disable the apps which are not required usually.)

Battery and performance:

1. Go to 'Settings'.

2. Additional Settings.

3. Battery and performance.

4. System animations-select 'Hide system animations'.

5. Manage apps' battery usage- select 'Advanced'

Turn off notification from less used apps:

Real notifications are handy in some cases like email. But there are plenty of less important app hat wants notification permission. Turn off those notification permissions. To do this Go to settings—> Notification and status bar—> App preferences. Choose and set important push message such as WhatsApp, weChat are enabled and disable other apps which you don’t use often.

Enable battery saver in Security app:

In MIUI 8 security apps comes with lots of feature including battery saver. Enable battery saver in security saver to get ultimate battery experiences.

Turn off vibration on press:

Every time you press on phone display it makes vibration. It is obviously power consuming. Turn off vibration on press to prolong battery life

Turn off auto update:

Apps like Google Play store and mi app store constantly connect to the server to check for updated app.
This process drains battery fast. Turn off auto update to prolong battery lifet’s all for today. Try the above tips and prolong your device battery life.

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