The style of painting in Rajasthan has been influenced by the styles of Gujarat and Kashmir.

Topics of Rajasthani painting

  1. Illustration of animals and birds
  2. Hunter scene
  3. Court Scenes
  4. Woman beauty
  5. Depiction of religious texts etc.

The basic style of Rajasthani painting styles is the Mewar style.Anand Kumar Swamy first introduced the scientific classification of Rajasthani painting in his book "Rajputana Paintings" in 1916 AD.


Rajasthani painting style is divided into four parts on geographical basis. Those are called schools.

  1. Mewar School: -Udaipur style, Nathdwara style, Chavand style, Deogarh style, Shahpura, style.
  2. Marwad School: - Jodhpur style, Bikaner style Jaisalmer style, Nagaur style, Kishangarh style.
  3. Dhudhad School: - Jaipur style, Amer style, Uniyara style, Shekhawati style, Alwar style.
  4. Hadauti School: -Kota style, Bundi style, Jhalawar style.

 Styles background color

  • Green - Alwar style of Jaipur
  • Pink / White - Kishangarh Style
  • Blue - Kota Style
  • Gold-Bundi Style
  • Yellow - Jodhpur and Bikaner style
  • Red - Mewar Style

Animals and Birds

  • Elephant and Chakor - Mewar Style
  • Eagle / crow and camel - Jodhpur and Bikaner style
  • Deer / Lion and Duck - Kota and Bundi style
  • Horse and Peacock: - Jaipur and Alwar style
  • Cow and Peacock - Nathdwara Style

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