About Us

 thinkforyou. in is a leading website providing valuable, convenient, relevant, and enjoyable online education touch to GK India gk to the students and aspirants. This website is a venture of Satish padhiyar, a former aspirant of the Rajasthan Civil Services Examination. The main direction of this website is to create a large repository of knowledge for students and aspirants. Hindi-GK was launched on 10, Oct 2019, and the 2 member team of thinkforyou. is an explorer providing high-quality content to students and aspirants for various examinations in India and its States? 

 Is Thinkforyou help me in my preparation?

 Yes, ONLYGKZONE helps you a lot for your exam preparation, regarding this manner, we cover the current affairs and conventional subjects, and even some important information like Person in the News, Update, Award National News, etc. are also considered. Our Team always tries to deliver you the best and updated information.

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